Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Love Letter to Blitzen Trapper

Dear Blitzen Trapper ,

I wanted to thank you for your 2008 album Furr .  I've seen it described as a mix of the Grateful Dead, Dylan and Pavement.  I can't really speak to the Pavement reference (still working on "getting" Pavement), but the Dead and Dylan thing is dead-on.  Might I also add Neil Young to that mix?  The song, "Not Your Lover Anymore" sounds just like a lost Neil Young track.

That album cover is so metal.  Organic metal.

If asked what my favorite songs were, I'd have to list "God & Suicide," "Saturday Nite," and "Black River Killer."  Most people are really into "Furr" and while I think it's a great song, those other three are better.

Let me tell you why I love "Saturday Nite" so much.  The first thing is the bounce.  As soon as the song starts, I'm smiling and grooving.  It's funky core is established with the acoustic instruments - piano, acoustic guitar, drums.  Over the top of of the groove are a number of keyboards, electric guitar and an awesome banjo solo to close the tune.  What makes the song so good is that it mixes all of these different things together - the funky core, Parliment keyboard accents, the middle eastern banjo solo with the melodica behind it... it's all so very awesome indeed.  I've listened to this song a kajillion times this year.

Again, thank you for this excellent album.  In my humble opinion it's the best album that was released in 2008.  I find myself hurtin' for it like a junkie. Like any other great thing, it's got me wanting more and more and more Blitzen Trapper.  I hope you've got another one in the oven because I can't wait to hear what you've got in store for the future.



(I listened to this great live performance and interview while writing this open letter from The Current)

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