Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ryan Adams Quits Cardinals, Music

Posted to the Cardinals Tumblr account, Ryan Adams says that he's "taking a step back" from music for a while.  I can't see what time it was posted, but it was obviously sometime in the middle of the night.  He cites hearing problems, personal problems, and generally feeling fed up with all the crap that he takes from the media for just trying to make music.  Anyway, read the post and see what you think.
I've been a pretty serious Ryan Adams fan for a few years now.  I only had one opportunity to see him live (with the Cardinals) and it was fantastic.  Honestly, I'm not sure if the music was getting any better - the early Cardinals output, especially Cold Roses was phenomenal, but the most recent album, Cardinology, while *good* wasn't great and I think there was a little bit of a backlash from the fans.

So anyway, I'm sad to see him take a break (I hope it's only a break!) and hope that maybe he'll release those demos he was working on around Christmas time.  I'm sure they're great.  Anyway... we'll miss you Ryan and we'll be patient for your return.

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