Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Odds and Ends

I just wanted to repost a few things that have been rather popular recently...
  • 2666 Characters and References
    • This document is being updated as I read 2666<.  It has been updated to include the first two parts of the book: The Part About The Critics and The Part About Amalfitano.  I have just started reading The Part About Fate, so expect updates soon.
  • 1993 Interview with David Foster Wallace
    • This fantastic interview from Whiskey Island Magazine had a few typo's that I'm fixing and I'm annotating some of the references with links to Wikipedia.
  • The Savage Detectives Character Reference
    • Roberto Bolaño's TSG's second part (of three) features a few hundred pages of interviews with many, many characters.  I started this reference document to help me keep track of all of those characters.  Updating this document is on hiatus while I read 2666, but I'll return to it soon.

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