Monday, April 20, 2009

Blitzen Trapper and M83 on Juan's Basement

A little while ago I wrote a sort of love letter to the band Blitzen Trapper because I absolutely love their 2008 album, Furr.  So anyway, while surfing the information super-highway I came across a little video program on the Pitchforks called Juan's Basement.  They had a four-song performance by Blitzen Trapper recorded (you guessed it!) in this dude Juan's basement.

You might think that something recorded in some guy's basement would sound kind of crap, but it's awesome.  It looks and sounds fantastic.  I found myself watching other episodes featuring bands that I didn't even like, just because I enjoy the format so much.  In doing so I discovered some music that I'd previously written off.  The best example is a band called M83.  Their performance in Juan's Basement is excellent and sent me directly to their most recent studio effort, which I've been enjoying.

So check out Blitzen Trapper on Juan's Basement.  It's a good time.

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