Monday, January 11, 2010

Murakami - Hear The Wind Sing

I just bought an English copy of Harkuri Murakami's first novel Hear the Wind Sing off of Ebay for less than $20.

Hear the Wind Sing was published in 1979 and was followed by Pinball, 1973 in 1980.  Both books are hard to find in English although both are available from the Japanese publisher Kodansha International.  There is a PDF version of Pinball, 1973 out there on the inter-webs if you look for it.

This is also the first book in the Trilogy of the Rat, which includes Pinball and A Wild Sheep Chase (which I finished over the Christmas Holiday).

I'm pretty excited to receive my copy of the book.  As a fan of Murakami, I can't wait to dig into this, his first novel.

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