Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Copy of Hear The Wind Sing Arrived!

 My copy of Murakami's first novel, Hear the Wind Sing arrived from Japan today!  I knew it would be smaller than a traditional trade paperback, but I guess I hadn't thought about it too much because I was really surprised when I saw it.

Since I had it delivered directly to my desk at work, I had some questions regarding this strange package from Japan!  Everybody seemed pretty let down when I told them that it was just a book. But who cares!  I'm thrilled!

This is the Alfred Birnbaum translation, published by Kodansha English Library.  You can find Birnbaum's translation of Pinball, 1973 here [PDF].  Incidentally, Pinball is being republished as well.  Probably the best place to get it is eBay.

So here's Hear the Wind Sing next to my copy of A Wild Sheep Chase just to illustrate the size difference.  Sheep Chase looks like a hard-cover next to the little Japanese book.

It turns out that there's a dust cover on the book!  I wasn't expecting that.

Translation notes at the end of the book

Spine shot.  This is definitely going to stick out on my bookshelf.


Ezra Salzman-Gubbay said...

So jealous!

Meytal Radzinski said...

Looks like the spine is sticking out in a good way, though. That means it's adding a nice diversity. Very cool.