Monday, January 03, 2011

And We're Back

It was a crazy year.  New kids (that's right, more than one) and some other changes really got in the way of posting here.  Not just blogging but my reading dropped to almost zero as well.  I started listening to a lot of audio books (during the commute) but nothing of real substance.  I haven't really read a New Yorker in months.

But I'm back!

See, I got a Kindle for Christmas from my amazing wife and now I'm a reading fiend.  I was inspired to get back into books that I'd started and never finished (hello 2666!) as well as get a bunch of new books.  More on all that later, but I recently finished Wells Tower's Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned and I really loved it.

So... there will be more soon.  Promises, promises...

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