Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vollmann's Rising Up And Rising Down

Over at biblioklept the claim was made that nobody actually reads anything by William T. Vollmann and that nobody actually owns the multi-volume, 3,000+ page complete Rising Up And Rising Down.   I mentioned in the comments that I do, in fact, own the whole thing (although I haven't read even a page of it).  I was challenged to produce pictures to prove my ownership (along with today's newspaper - but I don't get a newspaper so we're just going to have to pretend the newspaper is there.)

A few years ago we had a freak incident in the middle of the summer that resulted in the first few volumes sustaining some minor water damage.  You can see it in the pictures of volumes five and six.

So please excuse the poor pictures taken from my BlackBerry in the storage room of our basement...

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