Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ToB 2012: The Sense of An Ending vs Lightning Rods

Tournament of Books 2012
The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes
Lightning Rods
Helen DeWitt

Now that we're to the Quarterfinals, let's quickly look at how our contest is shaking out!

The undisputed champion of the Opening Round is Alicia Lopez, who was the only person to correctly pick all of the winners.  Frankly, given the Lightning Rods and Open City upsets, I'm shocked that anyone had a perfect score!  Alicia - if you're reading this - please email me at 4everoverhead@gmail.com or message me on Twitter - I don't have any contact information for you!

Coming in at second place is Tara who got burned by Lightning Rods, but still managed to get seven of eight correct.  There are eight people who manged to get six of eight correct: vagunner, Wilsonknut, Grebmar, Christina C., Alice, MegsGranger, Laura Spaulding. Kyla.  The rest of you can see how you're doing at the ToB Contest Standings page that's now .  Check back at anytime and see how you're doing by clicking the link at the top of the page.  If you're following us on Twitter or liked us on Facebook, please check the Standings and make sure I've made note of it.

An interesting development occurred as we collected your picks for the Quarterfinals - six new people signed up.  While they're starting at a huge disadvantage, there's still a possibility that one of them could win this thing.  I expected some of the first round contestants to go missing when we got to the Quarterfinals, but I didn't expect over half of our original group to miss getting their picks in.  So I'm going to offer this to those that missed getting their picks in.  

Quarterfinal picks will continue to be accepted for the next few days, but you will not be eligible to earn points for match-ups that have already been decided.


Considering the match-up, I'm going to just put it out there and say that I think The Sense of an Ending is going to move on to the Semi-Finals.  In the last round, Salvage the Bones went down due to a terrible case of MFA-itis.  The Sense of an Ending doesn't suffer from that malady, but still has a lot more heart than Lightning Rods.  

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