Friday, June 15, 2012

Acquired: John Updike's Bech Series

Random House has just republished John Updike's Bech series.  The first book, Bech: A Book, was first published in 1970 and was a collection of stories originally published in The New Yorker. Henry Bech, the series main character, was considered Updike's alter-ego.  Bech was, in almost every way, Updike's opposite.  Where Updike was Protestant, Bech was Jewish; Bech had perpetual writers block and Updike probably never experienced the affliction.  Bech is Back was published in 1982 and Bech at Bay was published in 1998.

I received the Bech series through a giveaway on Twitter.  Thank you to Random House for these beautiful books!

The spines look nice

All laid out
The covers were redesigned to match the look of the original Rabbit series.  I think they look pretty good!

The Rabbit books

Original Bech cover

Bech: A Book
by John Updike
Bech Is Back
by John Updike
Bech at Bay 
by John Updike

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