Thursday, July 05, 2012

Steinbeck Challenge: Cup of Gold Acquired!

Cover.  Ripping bodice and all
I'm very excited right now because a package arrived at my desk about 30 minutes ago containing the first book of my John Steinbeck Reading Challenge!  Cup of Gold, first published in 1929, was Steinbeck's first novel and a work of historical fiction.  I'll write more about the content of the book after I've read it, but for now we can talk about how much I love this thing sitting on my desk.

This edition of Cup of Gold was published in 1949 by The Popular Library.  It was fairly common for a serious novel to have a truly fantastic cover and misleading blurbs.  This one features the pirate Henry Morgan leering over a swooning (?) damsel.  He appears to be pulling a Timberlake and causing a wardrobe malfunction.

I've included some more pictures - including the signature of a previous owner and what appears to be his system of cataloging his books.

"A lusty take of an adventurer..."
A Lusty Buccaneer Novel!
File under "1600's (1670)"
I'm pretty excited to dig into this.  It'll have to be my third priority (the first is the Telegraph Avenue Read-Along and the second is finishing the three short-story collections I've been reading for the past few months), but I can't wait to get into it!

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