Monday, November 12, 2012

Some links for your Monday

Chains are OK* Rick Moody reviewed Eric Nuzum's Giving Up The Ghost on the New York Times.  His review is better than mine, but I think we generally agree.  I only have one issue with Moody's review - he completely ignores the musical aspects of the book.  Music is a big deal in Giving Up The Ghost and to leave it without any consideration is a mistake.

* One of my favorite people who writes about books is Lydia Kiesling.  She has a new piece in Bullett about James Wood's new essay collection, The Fun Stuff.  The reason I love Kiesling so much is that she manages to imbibe her thoughtful writing with a lot of fun and humanity.  Her regular-ish column at The Millions, the "Modern Library Revue," is really excellent and recommended reading.  Do it.

* Among others, Andrew Krivak's The Sojourn was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.  Another Forever Overhead favorite, The Sisters Brothers was also nominated .

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