My name is Brooks. I am a father, a reader, a music nerd and I work for a large general contractor in St. Louis, Missouri. I am 34 and a dude, which makes me a minority in the book blogging world.

This blog, Forever Overhead,  is named after a short story by David Foster Wallace in which a young man, on his thirteenth birthday, climbs the diving board at the public pool and finds himself unable to jump:
No time is passing outside you at all. It is amazing. The late ballet below is slow motion, the overbroad movements of mimes in blue jelly. If you wanted you could really stay here forever, vibrating inside so fast you float motionless in time, like a bee over something sweet.
The first post on this blog is from 2007. I didn't really start blogging in earnest until August of 2011 and I've been doing pretty okay since then.