Review Policy

I am happy to accept books to review from publishers. You can contact me at

I have stopped rating books using any kind of scale.  My review speaks for itself and doesn't require any stars or numbers to signify the quality of the book.

Good and bad reviews
If I like the book then I'll review it and post it on the site and we'll all be happy.  If I don't like the book or if I couldn't bring myself to finish it then I will contact you and let you know.  I am willing to post a negative review, but I am unwilling to publicly trash any book.  It's not good for the author, the publisher or me.  Let's keep it generally positive.  I will contact you when the review is published.

I will accept the following:
Literary fiction, literary criticism, biographies of literary figures, some science fiction and fantasy.  I love non-fiction books about music, especially rock music.

I will NOT accept following:
Romance, mystery, sexy vampires/paranormal, YA, self-help, erotica, self-published books.  If I choose to review any books of this type it's because a particular title jumped out at me.  I am typically not interested in these types of books.

I strongly prefer physical books, but I do have a Kindle and an iPad and can accept ebooks in mobi and epub formats.  I will review books in PDF, but these are by far my least favorite format.

I'm happy to do any giveaways or author interviews if I'm interested in the book/author.  Just ask.

For your reference, here are six books I love:
  • Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace
  • East of Eden - John Steinbeck
  • Skippy Dies - Paul Murray
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami
  • The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt
  • The Sojourn - Andrew Krivak
Mailing Address
Please contact me for my mailing address.

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